Monday, July 20, 2009

How Dumb Am I?

Now we're going to play the game called, "How Dumb Am I?"

It's easy, really. We just count the number of mistakes Amanda made today.

One: Forgot to put a fork in my husband's lunch box. *cost = a teasing chuckle from husband~

Two: Let a library book go past due. *cost = twent-five cents~

Three: Sent out a query letter to a literary agent with the word "sole" when I meant "soul." *Priceless~


randy said...

Damn, talk about bells you can't unring! Well, it could be worse. Did you hear about the guy photographing skydivers? He was so wrapped up in his photography that he forgot to put his parachute on. Can you imagine how he felt when he went to pull his cord? What a nightmare.

Amanda The Unpublished said...


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