Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Vatican and Harry Potter

Hey, it seems the Vatican got to see Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince before me. You can see the article with this link.

Vatican paper finds good and bad in new Harry Potter movie

I'm looking forward to seeing it, in spite of the fact that every time I see the movies I feel compelled to say, "It's not like the book." Duh, lady. Did ya expect it to be? Well, I look at it as another opportunity to watch Brendan Gleeson play Mad Eye Moody. ;-) Just kidding. I just watch them for the sake of the kids....really.


randy said...

The philosophical A-hole in me say's,

"If I was the pope I would be concerned with how people spend their fantasy dollars. I wouldn't like the competition and would insist on a monopoly."

Amanda The Unpublished said...

Reason 10,042 that Randy's not the Pope.

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