Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Update on Screwtape

A fellow writer (though compared to Jack I'm a mongrel beside a purebred because he's really published, I mean like people buy these books and his name's actually on them because, well, he wrote it.) You can see it here: The Confederate War Bonnet. Plus he wrote the fifty word story just above my one liner.
Anyway, he reminded me that I never said how The Screwtape Letters play was.

It was wonderful!
It's basically Uncle Screwtape monologuing in a wickedly fiery and satirical humor compelling the audience to hang on his every word. The script sticks to C.S. Lewis's book. It's not dumbed down, watered down, or otherwise marred. His personal secretary, a quirky creature with a strangely compelling stage presence, scrambles around taking dictation and supporting the story with pantomime when needed.

In the audience (it was sold out, by the way) there were teens, elderly, and everything in between, various races, and a variety of clothing style- from formal to casual, plus some pretty cute artsy outfits. I guess C.S. Lewis fans can not be stereotyped.

Oh, and I love how Uncle Screwtape says his name- ScrewwwwtaPe! (with a satisfying pop at the end).

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