Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Planned Parenthood Director Quits

Planned Parenthood Director Quits After Watching Abortion On Ultrasound

Abby Johnson is my new hero! How many people are willing to admit they've had a change of heart and are willing to make a MAJOR life change? Most of us walk around with a nagging conscience eating away at us for years. Not Abby. She quit her job when she realized it was wrong.

Not only did she realize that abortion was cruel to an unborn baby, but she saw that abortion is big business, not just some politically correct amorphous banner.

From its beginning, Planned Parenthood was not a business to be admired. Its founder, Margaret Sanger was a racist beyond measure. Even today, the statistics are horrible. Though only 14% of the women in the U.S. are African American, over 35% of all abortions are performed on African American women. That is a tragedy. Every abortion is a tragedy- for the baby, for the mother, for the father.

Here are some links if you need some help and/or healing:
Healing After Abortion
Birthright International if you're in a crisis pregnancy.
Rachel's Vineyard post abortion retreats. (They have them for men too.)


randy said...


what is a tragedy is women irresponsibly getting pregnant by men who have no desire or means to take care of the offspring. That kind of behavior should be bred out of society. Sure, the communists will tell you, "it takes a village" but they've already shown us what kind of villages they create.

Do you really believe there is a racial motive behind this? I'll admit that placing a black baby is probably much harder than a white one but surely that is not the fault of Planned Parenthood whether you believe in abortion or not. This sounds like typical, liberal hate-mongering.

As you can see, being liked isn't high on my priority list :-)

Amanda The Semi-Published said...

Randy, it takes two people to get a woman pregnant, unless I am mistaken. I am pleased you see the tragedy in the situation, though, given your previous statements about human life. If I had a son, I'd caution him about sex even more than my daughters because he would have absolutely no say in what happens to his child if he should create one.

I like Rick Santorum's book, which answers to the argument about the village. It's called "It Takes a Family." I have a copy, if you'd like to read it. His main idea is that to find the kids who mess up in life, it's not poverty that screwed them up, or race, but lack of an intact family. Out of wedlock birth, divorce, remarriage... Boy do I know how all that screws up a kid. :/

But for goodness sake, at least let the kid have a chance to live once it exists. Besides, if one has kept up on fetal pain research, one wouldn't hesitate to err on the side of protecting the baby.

The facts are the facts regarding the founder of Planned Parenthood. I'm just passing them along. I'm not saying that any particular worker today is a racist.

Okay, babbled enough. Haven't even proofread and the kids are tugging at me to go take a walk. Off I go to romp with my non-aborted offspring. ;)

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