Thursday, December 17, 2009

Camels Are Cool

It's funny how animals, especially farm animals and zoo animals make even grown ups giddy. Even ordinary animals in unusual places can do that, like puppies in purses. On our way home from one of our homeschooling groups we saw this illusive camel. We've spotted him once before, but we actually had a chance to experience him up close. The girls even got to pet him.

There was quite a crowd gathered on the side of the road and this is not a crowd-gathering friendly road. It's a fast road with little shoulder. It's littered with broken glass and lined with a barbed-wire fence. The crowd was mainly grown ups with no kids and they were going gaga over the camel. Fantastic! No wise men to be seen, but I guess they'll be around after Christmas. Epiphany is on January 6th, I believe. ;)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Weird Snow

Okay, for some, snow is no big deal, but where I live, it's weird. We just don't get snow. Once in a while, in the winter we might get a bit on the mountain, but today all we had to do was go to the park near my sister's house. It was bizarre and wonderful!

The girls said it was because one of them wished for it. I'm inclined to believe them. I've lived here nearly my entire life and I've not seen anything like it until now. They didn't play long. We didn't have what you'd call, snow gear- just a couple of pair of socks each, tights, and sweat pants. Dumb San Francisco Bay Area kids.

10 Honest Things

Karen at I'm Always Write nominated me for the Honest Scrap Award. So, I'm supposed to tell 10 honest things about myself. I don't think I can top hers. Go take a look at what she said about bunny rabbits. You won't believe it. LOL

1. I'm not going to nominate anyone else because the last time I nominated other bloggers only about two of them did it and one of them is already on Karen's list and I have a deep seated fear of blogger rejection.

2. Though I've read about a gigazillion books and hold a B.A. in literature (with honors) I'll have to run a spell check because I can't spell worth a guinea pig's tail.

3. Yes, I had to look up how to spell guinea pig.

4. I eat my m&m's in three bites.

5. I've stopped counting agent rejection letters.

6. I've slept inside the trunk of a hollow tree.

7. When I was little my nose turned red when I was cold and when I cried and sometimes my sister and our cousins called me Rudolf. I cried harder.

8. My nose still turns red.

9. Sometimes I wish some of my characters were real.

10. I enjoy wearing cute hats and pretending I actually look cute in them.
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