Friday, January 1, 2010


It's another year. 2010. Wow, it feels like the future. You know, they made a movie about it- 2010. Well, some of you are too young to remember that.

Karen over at I'm Always Write created a contest you should go check out. It got me thinking about my New Year's resolutions. I didn't have any, well except for the joke about bison meat I left on my sister's facebook page. So, I had to make some.

I struggled between making resolutions I thought I'd like (would be fun or fulfilling) and ones I thought I should make. The long list would be:

1)Keep the house in order.
2)Keep the finances in order.
3)Make a better homeschooling plan.
4)Work out at least once a week.

Now here come the fun ones

5)Complete a short story at least each week.
6)Submit a story to a publication at least twice a month.
7)Query my novel... no, get the damn thing published this freakin' year. LOL

If you're dying to see what I picked for the contest, go over and play it yourself and check out the comments section.

By the way, bison meat has very little intramuscular fat and is is low in cholesterol. Very few bison die of heart disease.

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Sharon Mayhew said...

Wow, that is some list! My goals include one magazine article submission a month, blogging, submitting some of the picture book and begining chapterbook length pieces I've completed.

Best wishes to you. I posted a bunch of agent info/links on my blog may know them already, but if not it never hurts to share info with you blogging friends. :)

Best wishes in 2010!

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