Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pulling Me Out of a Story Rut

No, the jellyfish has nothing to do with the post. I wanted a visual and this computer has only three photos on it. Two of the camel you already saw and one of my husband's distant cousin's grandson. So, I used a sample pic that came with the computer. :p

When you're completely and totally stuck in a story you're writing, what do you do? Scrap it? Ignore it until later? Beat the stuffing out of it?

I have several short stories sitting in story limbo. I am very attached to one I wrote and was eager to resurrect it and find it a home. It had an ending I didn't like. Someone had told me it didn't feel it actually had an ending. I think they were spot on.

After Communion today,(Yeah, I'm Catholic. Did ya see my other blog?) I started thinking about that story and you know what, I came up with an actual ending- a perfect ending, in my opinion. So, after I wrote the ending, I googled around and found a place that actually may want to print it. It's an edgy story with some foul language and the main female teenage character chooses not to abort her baby, though she has pressure to do so.

The market for such a piece is pretty narrow. Edgy publications tend to be pro-abortion and pro-life publications... well, there aren't that many, are there? But I imagine they wouldn't want heroes with shaved heads and combat boots who spout the "F" word.

Then I stumbled around online some more and fond the Catholic Writers Conference and Woo Hoo! I'm pretty excited about that. So, maybe things are looking up a bit. I think it all began because one of the readings in church was St. Paul's letter where he talks about God giving each person an ability to use for a greater good.


karabu said...

I have a few stories in limbo land too.
I heard an interview once with, I think it was Neil Gaiman, but not 100% sure, where he was talking about one of his stories. He said he started writing it 20 years ago (or some long time) but he stopped because he wasn't agood enough writer at the time to write it like he wanted to.
I think that's where I am with some of mine. I can't make the story come out like it is in my head. So I work on other things. I keep writing, and hopefully, keep getting better. Someday, I'll be like you, and will find my endings.

Amanda The Semi-Published said...

Well, if it can happen to Neil Gaiman, then that's okay. I can't imagine he had a time when he wasn't a fantastic writer. I just finished Anansi Boys. I swear I wanted to eat that book, it was soooo good!

So, Kara, when do I get to read some of this novel you're writing? :)

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