Friday, January 29, 2010

Your Independent Bookstore

I hope you all pay attention to the events going on at your local independent bookstore. They may have an email list you can join so you can be alerted to events such as book signings. Our local indie has book club meetings, an American Girls Club Meeting (Those dolls and books from historic times.)And that's where we saw David Kulczyk, author of Death in California. We saw him on Halloween, which was doubly fun. Well, fun if you like weird stories of death. It's a fascinating book and it makes a great gift. I had David sign one for a friend's fortieth birthday gift.

Another fabulous author who came to our little local bookstore is a name you probably have heard of, especially if you have kids- Patricia Polacco. My kids and I have loved her for years, so it was a magical opportunity to meet her. She's a real gem. Did you know that because of her dyslexia she could not read until she was fourteen? Yep. And now she's a writer. How's that for inspiration? We had her sign a copy of For the Love of Autumn for our cat, Avery. She didn't bat an eye. Maybe she's signed books for pets before.


karabu said...

I'm putting that on our libray list. Thanks for the tip! Is there a title of her's you would recommend for starters for us?

Amanda The Semi-Published said...

Oh yeah. I consulted with the girls. We came up with our top three favorites. Thunder Cake, The Bee Tree, and Rechanka's Eggs.

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