Saturday, February 6, 2010

Audio Stories Make Household Chores Magic!

The clatter of dishes, the hiss of the frying pan, the chop-chop of the knife on the cutting board~

It's an ordinary evening cooking dinner. I click on a podcast and suddenly I'm in a world of zombies, witches, aliens, or other fantastic critters.

Two of my favorite sites are The ShadowCast Audio Anthology and StarShipSofa.

Today on The ShadowCast I listened to an H.P. Lovecraft tale and a zombie story with a quirky ending. I just never know what fabulous creepy story Jason Warden over at Shadowcast is going to offer.

If science fiction is more your thing, then go check out StarShipSofa where you get to hear science fiction stories and news and sometimes even the history of science fiction. Yes, it has a history.

If your day is like mine, it only has twenty-four hours in it. So, the nice thing about a podcast is, it helps you fit in some extra reading. Do you have a favorite audio story site?


karabu said...

I listen to Escape Pod. It's Sci-fi, but it has sister podcasts, Pod-castle, and Psudopod for fantasy and horror. I'm gonna add Shadowcast and Starship sofa to my que. Are they generally safe for car rides with the kids, or does it vary from story to story? (Escape Pod had a few no-kid ones, so I save these for my lunch walks.)

Amanda B. said...

It varies from story to story (as well as from kid to kid). My kids love horror, but I don't let them listen to most of what's on ShadowCast. Generally they're off playing when I listen, so they're not paying attention. On ShadowCast, if they move their play into the room, I pause, scan the text, then resume if it's ok. They liked the last zombie one, but totally didn't get the Lovecraft one. I will NOT let them hear mine when it's up, which will be soon, I'm told.

A lot of what's on StarShipSofa is beyond them so they don't listen anyway.

I should probably stick (sink?) (sinc?) (sync?) it into my iPod and listen in my ear, but that's an extra step. Besides, I have an iPod Shuffle and it has no menu. I love it though. It's tiny and it clips on.

But in the car you can't listen in your ear, so that doesn't help. A kid friendly rating system would be nice. Maybe we should start doing that on our blogs, then get the word out and all the nerd moms will visit our sites to get the week's ratings. LOL

Could you post the links to those podsites either in your blog or mine? I'd like to try them out. Or at least send them and I'll post them. However you'd like.

karabu said...

I get them via iTunes, but their website is:

There are links to the sister podcasts from the main page there as well. Does that help? I'm not sure how to download without iTunes. Just kinda does it by itself for me. :)

Amanda B. said...

Thanks a huge help. Thanks. :)

Nisa said...

You know, it has never occurred to me to listen to stories while doing menial household tasks. What a fabulous idea!! Thanks for sharing. Glad to be following! I'm excited to read more!

Amanda B. said...

So happy to help. You'll have to let me know if you discover any fun podcasts.
Thanks for following me, Nisa. You know what? I have a daughter named Nyssa. :)

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