Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Love Out of Order

Today I had the privilege of buying a most splendid book by the very talented author Nicole Green. It's called, Love Out of Order.

Here I am outside of Barnes & Noble with it.

It's a scrumptious story about two people, John and Denise, who reluctantly fall in love. Nicole spices the novel with tantalizing tastes of romance that pique your appetite. I know I was pulling for the couple to get together. I won't tell you if they do. You'll just have to read for yourself. ;) Her characters are so vivid that they'll stick in your heart and mind- the leads and the minor characters. I hope you'll pick up a copy. It makes a great Valentine too. :)


randy said...

Don't tell anybody but I love love stories. I haven't read anything since yours. I need to get in gear again.

Amanda B. said...

I'm so glad to hear it. Don't worry I won't tell. ;)

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