Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Film 9 and Then For Some Reason The Blogger Started Talking About Hellboy

The film 9 builds a whimsical diminutive steampunk world of little homunculi (guess that's what they're meant to be) that you will want to simply jump into- (the film that is, not the homunculi). Tim Burton had a hand in it, but it was written and directed by a guy named Shane Acker.

I would have been completely enchanted had it not been for the fact that the fearful control-freak character dressed as a bishop and wanted to stay hidden in the tower of a church. I mean, come on, enough with the negative religious stereotyping. Did we have to fall back on cheap jabs?

It is worth view. The animation is amazing. The story is clever, quick paced, and the characters are adorable. Just look at them goggle eyes!

When I posted an abbreviated version of this review on my Facebook, my niece made a comment. She just watched Hellboy and Professor Bruttenholm reminded her of me when he distributed the rosaries, saying, "You'll need these." My purpose for relaying this fascinating tale isn't to brag... Well, yes, it is actually. :p 

But it's also a great excuse to talk about Mike Mignola. He has a beautiful way of showing religion in a positive light in a subtle way. He's not goody-goody. I've seen him depict a flawed priest. But mostly, and I'm no Mignola scholar, I've seen him show religion in a strong and truthful light in his Hellboy stories.

(I took this picture from my copy of The Right Hand of Doom. Sorry if the quality doesn't come through.)

He depicts priests and nuns who are good people, in his Hellboy series. His artwork is amazing. (Mike, if you read this, do your own artwork. Some of the folks who illustrate your stories are super, but YOU ARE THE MASTER.)

And he does this without being tagged, a religious writer or artist. I've never heard anyone say, "Those Hellboy comics, they're just too religious for me." (Snort-laugh) Oh, sorry. No. In fact, I've heard just the opposite. But I can explain in great detail why Hellboy is not evil, so don't even go there unless you want a very long blog post.

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