Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rainy Day Blogfest Entry- "Rainy Day with Sam and Bea"

Over at The Writer's Hole Christine is holding a Rainy Day Blogfest. Splash on over and read everyone's entries. We're having triple digit temps here in California, so this is quite refreshing for me.

This little scene involves two characters from my fantasy enovel, Syzygy, available on Smashwords and Amazon. This scene isn't in the book. I wrote it especially for the blogfest.

One more tid-bit before I jump into it- found this article about what you're smelling in the air after the rain.

Now, without further ado...

Rainy Day with Sam and Bea

Bea flipped back her black hair and leaned over her notebook to add shading to the hat she had doodled.

"Bea, it's raining."

She dropped her pencil and sprang up at the sound of Sam's words and hurried to join him at the open kitchen window.

Rain pinged as it hit Sam's bike, which was parked just outside the window. Drops pattered on the roof and somewhere out there it was trickling like the sound of a tiny brook. Sniffing the air- moist, sweet, and earthy, almost made Bea's mouth water.

"Rain." It was like a mystical phenomenon for the two friends who'd grown up in sunny California where the word "drought" was muttered ruefully every year.

"Yes!" Bea punched the air with a leap and knocked into Sam's skinny arm, jostling his cup of cola.

Sam licked soda off his thumb. "I'm going out."

"Wait for me," said Bea.

"You snooze, you lose. It might not last."

Three-and-a-half minutes later, Bea sprinted down the front porch to join Sam on the concrete path which was darkened from the rain to a steely gray that matched the sky. She tipped her head back and let the raindrops pepper her cheeks, lips, and eyelids.

"You like the rain," said Sam with a note of skepticism, "but you have to get into all of this gear to go out in it?"

"I love the rain and I'm excited for an excuse to wear my new things." Bea looked down to admire her black raincoat spotted with little white lightning bolts and her matching rubber boots, which were tasting a puddle for the first time. Then she noticed Sam's bare feet. She giggled at him in his "Edward Scissorhands" t-shirt and shorts. "Aren't you cold?"

"Nope." When he shook his wet head, his blonde hair remained plastered down. "I'd run naked in the rain if I could."


Ted Cross said...

When the monsoon rains came each July to Arizona, my brothers and I loved going out and playing in it.

It's funny how times change, but the use of 'notebook' right off made me think she was on a computer, until you mentioned the pencil!

Ju Dimello said...

I love the fact that both love the rain.. :)

And of course, the girl wants to show off.. ;) Why not ? Loved your entry !

stu said...

I like the joy in this at the rain's arrival. Of course, living in England, I see rather more of the stuff, so I've had time to get disillusioned.

laurel said...

Their differing choices of "raingear" tells us so much about these two. Love it.

Summer Ross said...

this was a fun read, thanks for posting. My favorite line : "Sniffing the air- moist, sweet, and earthy, almost made Bea's mouth water"

I love playing in the rain

Brenda Drake said...

This piece really moved for me. The voice is great. I can tell Bea is a little more reserved than the barefooted Sam. Great!

Tessa Conte said...

Rain can be wonderful, especially a soft summer rain that fills the air with the scent of growing things...you just have to go dance in that!!!!

Love your entry!!!

Wendy Tyler Ryan said...

Beautiful writing. And for those of you who are silently cursing me for telling you to read aloud to yourself. Read this post!

Your writing is like the rain - fluid. (moist, sweet and earthy)

Thanks for letting me read and comment.

Eric W. Trant said...

Super fast-paced read. It didn't flow, it flew.

- Eric

Franklin Beaumont said...

This was full of great behavioural details, and really engaged the senses. Even on a grey rainy day such as this, it almost makes me appreciate the stuff!

Amanda Borenstadt said...

Thanks everyone! I'm enjoying all of your comments. :)

I'm only just reading everyone elses entries. What I don't get through today, I'll read in the morning. What a fun blogfest!

RaShelle said...

I love what the guy is wearing (and not wearing). Perfect. =D

Damyanti said...

Love this.... I feel like dancing in the rain sometimes!

karabu said...

Awww man. I'm sitting here at 10:30 at night sweltering. I wanna play in the rain like them! It sounds wonderful!

Christine H said...

Very sweet! What a lovely little piece. Thank you for participating in the blogfest!

Amanda Borenstadt said...

Oh, thank you all.
This was a fun blogfest, Christine. I loved thinking about the rain while wishing for some cool wet weather.

I enjoyed reading everyone's entries so much and it was fun to read everyone's reactions to mine. I "met" some great to blog friends along the way. I look forward to participating in more blogfests like this one. :)

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