Tuesday, September 14, 2010

YouTube and You: Promoting Novels is Fun

Highlights in Technohistory... as it pertains to what I care about at the moment...

I remember The Jetsons- (Actually, I watched it with my twins a few weeks ago.), and their push-button world wowing me with all its futurosity. I recall learning DOS- (or not learning it), in school and having no computer at home. At the dawn of MTV The Buggles sang about video killing the radio star. Sometime in there, along came the internet. Then, three guys in a garage in Menlo Park invented YouTube, sold it to Google, and became millionaires.

YouTube says it's a way to "broadcast yourself." So... do so.

Apart from procrastinating by watching guys pull their lips over their eyebrows, Potter Puppet Pals, and motorcycles flipping over, YouTube is useful for posting BOOK TRAILERS -little videos that give readers a taste of your novel. Share them on blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace or post to your webpage.

Some examples of book trailers: Circe, by Anita Saran, Master of Horror, and Love Out of Order by Nichole Green. Please, let us know the link to your own book trailer. Let's share the love. :)

I made a brief trailer with my book cover and promo art for my book, Syzygy, using royalty free music provided by YouTube. It's not much of a video, but it took only a few minutes. My niece and I plan to create something more amazing.

SEARCH STORIES are a fun fruit born of the intermingling of YouTube and Google. You pop in search options, music, and poof, you have a fun vid. I made a "search story" for Finn, for Sam (both characters from my novel, Syzygy), and even one for Dobby from Harry Potter (just for the heck of it.) The ones you create for your characters are a nifty way to promote your book.

YouTube is a natural vehicle to promote my novel. One character makes VIDEO LOGS (vlogs) and a character's YouTube channel is mentioned by name- Fatalwidget. It was my teenage daughter who warned me to nab that title if I was going to put it in the novel, so I did. Some writers may want to post videos of book readings, signing, vlogs... Get creative. Think John Green of the Vlogbrothers. Think Nerdfighter!

I have a regular YouTube channel as well. There I have a link to my blog and link to the Syzygy related videos. Every bit of exposure helps. And don't forget to visit other people's channels and comment their videos. BUT I don't mean spam! But you knew that. :)

Particularly if your book would appeal to young adults, you'll want to tap into the wacky wild world of video.


Summer Ross said...

That was really neat. thanks for sharing

Amanda Borenstadt said...

Thanks, Summer. It was my pleasure. :)

Lisa Rusczyk said...


Amanda Borenstadt said...

Thanks, Lisa. :)

karabu said...

I love, love, love the Finn search. Considering his cyber-stalking of Bea in the beginning, it is so totally perfect for his you-tube channel! I'm envisioning all kinds of videos he might have there of crowded bars and BART trains as he searched for her. Could be so easy to get carried away playing with that stuff!
In fact, a follow up interview question will be arriving to you momentarily about this. Then we can get the show on the road, as it were.
Nice work.

Amanda Borenstadt said...

Woo-hoo! Thanks, Kara. I sent you're reply. :)

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