Saturday, December 11, 2010

Interview at the Lina Lamont Fan Club

If you haven't visited Nissa's blog, The Lina Lamont Fan Club, you've a huge hole in your life that you did not know about.

I'll invite you over there today out of complete self-centeredness. She has an interview with me about my urban fantasy novel, Syzygy.

But you'll want to stick around there and check out her other posts and her book, Where The Opium Cactus Grows, the contents of which have been compared to the stuff drunks write on the bathroom wall. ;)


nissa_ami_kato said...

Actually the whole interview thing was just a way to con you into giving me a copy of Syzygy. ;)

I'd say more but I have to get back to work compiling a list of famous fictional werewolves.

Amanda Borenstadt said...


Only fictional ones? ;)

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