Monday, July 19, 2010

When To Ditch That So Called Masterpiece

When do you know to toss a piece of writing into the bin of never-mind-forget-I-wrote-that? Did you ever write a short story, or heck, an entire novel, that nobody seems to "get," but you don't want to give up on it? How do you know when to quit tweaking it just a bit so you can submit to it to "just one more place" and instead slip it into the Folder of No Return?

I have a short story I'll call Ed. Now Ed, is a humorous speculative flash fiction piece. I've subbed Ed to seven magazines and received comments such as "Flesh out more," "Well written, but not for us," "Main character should have bitten someone."

Saturday I forcibly read Ed aloud to Dear Husband. I laughed. Dear Husband didn't. Though DH said he "could see the humor in it." This was most likely my cue to put Ed to bed.

Dear Husband suggested I change a small detail- one character's age. I did. Boom. Then I sent it off to another mag. Bam.

I awoke Sunday morning with a sinking feeling. Changing the age created a little flaw in the plot. I won't bore you with the details. (I'd rather bore you with vagueness.)

Here's an article on a related note. Susanna Daniel discusses the urge to quit writing that book that seems to be taking forever. She's a bit of an expert on this. Her soon-to-be-out novel, Stiltsville, took her ten years to complete! I hope you'll check out her article as well as the book. :)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

New Story Published- Mine, Yes!!! YIPPEEE!!!! :D


Time to brag. My story, "Let Sleeping Werewolves Lie," has been published in Lightning Flash Magazine- issue 2, July 2010. You may go take a look.

From there, you click on the current issue and it takes you to a PDF.

I hope you enjoy it and the other stories in the issue. They publish great stuff!
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