Monday, January 24, 2011

Flash Fiction, Art, and Other Publishing News

Good news, flash fiction writers, Flashquake is back. They aren't just stories. They also take photos and artwork! And they are looking for some positions to fill, so check out their site.

And speaking of artists... You'll want to pick up a copy of this month's The Artist's Magazine (available at your local bookstore) and read the wonderful article by Lisa Wurster about my friend Andrew Ameral and how his "eloquent figures follow from his rigorous study of musculature." Way to go, Andy!!!  :)

* * *

I enjoy flash fiction, (typically stories up to 1,000 words). They're a challenge to write but makes a writer mindful about extra words. With phone stories, some publishers don't count words, but characters, and it's even more of a challenge!

***Shameless Plug***

If you haven't been to my Smashwords page lately, you haven't seen that I published "Rainy Day with Sam and Bea," that little flash piece I wrote last August for The Writer's Hole Rainy Day Blog Fest. (She's doing another blogfest, btw).

"Rainy Day with Sam and Bea" and "Deacon Sam," both flash spin-off's of my novel, Syzygy, are available at Smashwords on many e-formats and Barnes & Noble for Nook.

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