Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Obligatory Harry Potter Post

Yes of course I bought the Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1 DVD. It was for the twins' birthday. Really it was! :)

Deathly Hallows, Part 1
Having it in my hot little Muggle hands only served to whet my appetite for Part 2 and THEY know it! But what can I do?

One day I realized that since my resident Harry Potter expert (a.k.a. older daughter- seen here in one of her old YouTube vids) moved out, I haven't been getting the daily scoop about the Wizarding world, so I did something I never thought I'd do. I clicked on

Evanna Lynch
Oh, not that there's anything wrong with fan sites. I myself have been known to write fanfiction. But I can't count how many times I rolled my eyes at my daughter, moaning, "Get off the computer. You don't need to know every detail about Rupert Grint's favorite band or Emma Watson's adorable outfits. Yes, we want to keep track of the realease date of the next book, but the color shoes Evanna Lynch is going to wear in the next movie isn't important!"

Rupert Grint
But I suppose it's my own fault if I encouraged my kids in their Harry Potter obsession. For instance- I did film this video a few years back:

***Now shut your eyes or quit reading if you haven't read Deathly Hallows and you don't like spoilers.***

So there I was standing in the kitchen chopping carrots hushing the ten-year-olds as I listening to the people on MuggleCast (the podcast on MuggleNet) talk about where Snape was going to die in Deathly Hallows Part 2. Then they said it. A houseboat. Can you believe it? He won't die in the Shrieking Shack, but in some random boathouse!!! Apparently it's still going to be a very good scene full of drama and all, but it's in a boathouse at Hogwarts.

So, my Muggle, Wizard, and Squibbish friends, this just teaches you that you'd better keep up on your Harry Potter fan site reading so you don't have any surprises when you go the movies this July 15th.

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karabu said...

Did I ever tell you that when we took our train ride to Minnesota, the conductor pointed to where the door we should get on would be when the train got there, and it was 3/4 of the way between platforms 9 and 10. I was so happy!

Amanda Borenstadt said...

LOL That's so funny! You never told me that.

Maria Zannini said...

I loved the video. Great job!

We decided to wait until the second movie came out and then see both back to back. I figured we'd remember it better this way.

Amanda Borenstadt said...

Thanks Maria. :) I made a bunch a dumb little videos a while back when I first got my video camera. There's also a cute one where I interview our older kids and a bunch of my nieces and nephews about their favorite characters at the midnight showing a couple years ago.

Yeah, we like to watch all the previous H.P. movies just before we see the newest that comes out. We're a bit nutty like that. Drives my husband crazy. Sometimes I think he wants to rid the world of Harry Potter even more than Voldemort does. LOL

It's also nice to read(or reread) the book just before the movie comes out. You learn/remember more background which doesn't come out in the film. But the problem with that is I always complain how much they left out or changed from the book.

Joylene Butler said...

I couldn't look. I don't want to spoil it. But now I'm anxious. We hope to be in the city that day so we can see it. Otherwise I'll have to wait and wait. Poop on that!

Great post, Amanda. Happy Easter.

Amanda Borenstadt said...

Happy Easter to you too, Joylene. :)

I hope you won't have to wait to see it. That would be a bummer!

Lydia K said...

How can he not die in the Shrieking Shack? I'm all agog. Can't wait to see it!

Amanda Borenstadt said...

Lydia- I know! It's crazy. I can't wait to see it too! :)

lbdiamond said...

I can't WAIT to see the second half! But then I will be very sad that it's over, LOL!

Amanda Borenstadt said...

Oh I know. Me too, Laura. I felt like that when Deathly Hallows the book came out too. I was was excited, but at the same time, sad it was the last.

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