Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Statistics Tool of your Blogger Blogspot


You have a tool that's both amusing and useful for increasing your readership.

Have you noticed that you can check the stats of your blog? Go to your Dashboard. The far right tab is marked "Stats." From there you can poke around and look at an overview of your week, month, all time, etc. What you'll probably notice right off is that you're getting more traffic than your comments or follower numbers indicate.

Many of us have a stats indicator right on our pages, but what I like about the built in Blogger tool is its other features. I can see where my traffic comes from (the referring sites and URLs). The place on the stats report that shows that info also displays the search keywords people used to find my blog if I keep scrolling down. For instance, today somebody found me by the keyword search "Cultural Science Fiction." Cool, eh? Now don't forget you're only looking at the ones for the week or month or whatever the time period you've selected at the top of the page. Expand it if you're only seeing one or two.

So what, right? Well, this tells you how your random market finds you- the people who just stumble onto your blog. It gives you a clue about how to phrase future posts. You'll increase your blog readership if you use phrases people are likely to search for, but be sure they pertain to your topic so the reader sticks around to read on and become a regular reader.

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Joylene Butler said...

Checking the stats really is enlightening. And fun. I love when someone pops up from Russia or Poland, or especially my hometown.

Great subject, Amanda.

교인애 Inae Kyo said...

I've found that the people who arrive and the people who stick around to comment are two different groups who come from two different sources.

It shows what your most effective strategies are for increasing traffic. My best route seems to be reading and commenting on the blogs of people who are friends with Amanda Borenstadt or Karina Fabian. And their friends, and their friends....

rama said...

Yes stats. are fun and interesting too. Though the comments may not come from all of them, still it is so nice to see people coming from Lithunia, China, Japan, Singapore, Uk , Polland, Malasiya, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and of course, US and my own country India. Though I don't always know who are coming from these places, but it is good. Labels are also a way to generate a lot traffic, and of course pictures too, and most important is to write something that can captures the attention of people. I came from Msn, where I was blogging for 5 years, and only last year i shifted to blogspot, and I had nobody following me, for about a week or so, but soon I found followers increasing from 2 to 53.
I simply love blogging, it is such a wonderful outlet where one can share, and be friends with all kinds of people from all over the world.

Amanda Borenstadt said...

You're right, Joylene. It's fun to see the places readers come from. I never would have thought I'd have readers from around the world It's exciting.

Inae, good points about networking! And Facebook helps too. When I post a link to my blog at FB many read the post, then comment at the FB link on my Wall.

Rama, good points. Yes, tags are a great help too. I've been playing around with those at my other blog trying to find the best way for readers to search for topics in past posts they'd be interested in. In that other blog I set it up to display on the sidebar my two most popular posts.

That's interesting about Msn. I've never tried anything besides Blogspot. I'd wondered if it was the most effective.

Medeia Sharif said...

I was looking at this last night. It's interesting to see where visitors come from and how they found me.

karabu said...

I had a third party page counting thingie (that's a technical term) on my blog. Neat that blogger has their own now. I had fun checking it out. Thanks for the heads up!

Amanda Borenstadt said...

Hi Medeia, So glad you came by. Yeah, I love looking at how people found me too. I have to admit, I'm getting a little too obsessed with checking the stats every day. LOL

You're welome. Hee-hee, I'm typing this as you sit across frome me in real life at my kitchen table. :)

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