Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dongly Thing Found, Photos Uploaded

I mentoned in my previous post that I could not find the proper dongly thing to connect my camera to my computer and upload the photos from our hike at Mangini Ranch in the East Bay Area of California. I've found it, so here they are:

Blue-eyed grass (sisyrinchium bellum) are little purple flowers with yellow centers, so I don't know why they're called blue-eyed grass. Perhaps there are some that are more blue than the ones growing around here. They are not true grass.
Blue Eyed Grass
 Blue Witch Nightshade (Solanum Umbelliferum) are in the tomato family, if you can believe it.
Blue Witch Nightshade
Anyway, it reminds me of Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas and her deadly nightshade. I have a jar kind of like hers! :)
Deady Nightshade jar- front and back
 The Hospital Canyon Larkspur is rare. I had never heard of it before the day of our hike. Our guide said that it no longer grows in place where it was discovered.
Hospital Canyon Larkspur

Hospital Canyon Larkspur
 Mustard grows everywhere. It's invasive and non-native to California.
 We have many types of oak trees in our area. I don't pretend to be able to identify them. It's nice to have a guide with you!
Blue Oak
 I like streams.
 No idea what this is. It's a big cement and metal structure.
A cement structure
  Sometimes poison oak grows in big bushes.
poison oak bush
 Here is our guide, George. He looks like the pied piper with all those kids following him.

Our guide, George, leading the kids
 I'm a sucker for rustic wooden buildings.
Wooden Structure
And narrow streams...
I hope you enjoyed the nature pictures. I might share them on wikimedia commons. That's where people share photos they don't mind others using. I've uploaded mine onto there and have borrowed some too. Check it out. It's like a global photo album.

And one more thing before you leave. In case you haven't noticed, I have a new Cafe Press shop on my sidebar. We sell clothing, bags, and stickers all with a Syzygy theme. So, if you've read my novel and you'd like to take a gander and our shop, here ya go. Syzygy Shop


Lydia K said...

I love walking through those scenic places with you as a guide. I wonder if that mustard makes mustard like the kind we eat.

Lisa SP said...

Great pics Amanda. That larkspur is indeed wonderful. And if you look at the *shape* of the Blue Witch flower, you can totally see that it's in the Solanum (tomato, potato, eggplant) family, even though the color is different. Yes most wild Solanums are poisonous, although not so powerful as Deadly Nightshade. No wonder people in Europe took so long before they were willing to eat tomatoes.

Lisa SP said...

And yes, it's Tyler, hijacking Lisa's ID again.

Amanda Borenstadt said...

Good question, Lydia. I've wondered that myself. Maybe after the apocalypse I'll be so desperate for mustard I'll have to try and make it. LOL And Thanks for "joining" in my walk! :)

LOL Tyler. Lisa's sweet. I won't let Peter near my keyboard if I'm signed on. So, do you happen to know who was the first to eat a tomato? The girls were asking.

Joylene Butler said...

Love the photos. I'm very impressed that you knew the names to all these plants. Course, living there probably helped. Thanks for sharing, Amanda. Glad you found your cord.

Medeia Sharif said...

I love your nature pics.

Lol @ dongly thing. I forget the name of it.

Have a great weekend.

karabu said...

Nice photos!

I already checked out your Cafepress shop. Very cool. I was on some other website that had a cafepress ad on it, and your shirts were in the ad. I thought that was cool.
Then the same thing happened on a different ad on a different website - and I figured out that it must know what shirts I last looked at there, and not that your shirts were being advertised all over.
Advertising is getting kinda creepy sometimes.

Amanda Borenstadt said...

Hi Joylene. Thanks :) Well, I had a little help with plant identification from our guide. But I do learn more plant names each time I go out.

Thanks, Medeia. I hope you had a great weekend!

LOL Kara, That's so weird. Big Brother is watching! But it's not government, it's Mr. Advertisement. Technology utilized for profit. ;)

Amanda Borenstadt said...

Kara, that makes me wonder about my search result at Google. I did a search for "Syzygy" and got my blog on the first page of results. Was that random or because Big Brother Google knows me?

Shelley HW said...

Wow! Flowers! We're just at the beginning of tree blooming. In a week or so we should have carpets of wood violets, but other than that its pretty dingy around here.

I love the jar too.

Congrats on finding your dongly thing.

Amanda Borenstadt said...

Thanks Shelley! :)

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