Wednesday, June 8, 2011

42 Blog Post Ideas for Authors and Wannabe Authors

Instead of writing a blog this week (or last week), I'm listing forty-two blog ideas. So, this post is about nothing... or everything, depending on how you view it.

1. Review of a novel.

2. Post photos of a recent walk in nature and post captions.

3. Discuss something you read that has something to do with writing or that pertains to the type of books you write.

4. Talk about a new baby in your family.

5. Post a photo and host a caption contest.

6. Explain how to make characters more realistic. (seriously, I want to know)

7. Post links to all the agent blogs and other blogs of use to other writers.

8. Write about hats for characters. (I have a hat fetish in case you haven't noticed.)

9. Compare a novel with the movie they made of it.

10. Explain some of the more complicated rules of punctuation.

11. The same goes for grammar.

12. List the most common writing mistakes.

13. List the top clichés to look out for in writing.

14. Talk about naming characters.

15. Explain how to add more of the five senses in our writing.

16. Post a sample chapter of your work in progress.

17. Give out awards to other bloggers... such as me. ;)

18. Post pictures of your pet.

19. Write a poem.

20. Post a recipe.

21. Describe what random items are in your writing space and invite others to do the same.

22. Host a short story blog fest with a fun theme. This is a great fun and good for networking.

23. Host a guest blogger.

24. Interview an author.

25. Write about music in general, or in writing. Does your character play an instrument? Did you invent some sort of music for your mythical planet?

26. Explain the nuances of a genre- such as the types of speculative fiction, like high fantasy, urban fantasy, steampunk...

27. Rant about a recent breakup, job loss, or other personal problem then go on and on about it for days and give names so that everyone in your real life will know who you're talking about. (I'm kidding. But some personal tales of woe aren't always bad. Blogland is a community of humans.)

28. Interview a musician or other artist.

29. Write a guest post as one of your characters.

30. Interview one of your characters.

31. Explore history, especially if you write about a time not our own. That way, when people Google something like- "California Gold Rush" they'll find your blog and learn that you happen to be writing a weird fantasy novel about that time period. Oh wait. That's not you. That's me. :)

32. Write about stuff in space, if you write stories about space. You'll attract googlers who may be interested in your stories.

33. Write about the history of space exploration.

34. Write about books and writers who write the same type of thing you write. So, if I Google Douglas Adams and I find you blogging about him, then I might be interested in reading your work.

35. Brainstorm words and phrases to describe color, gestures, voices, all sorts of stuff! Not only will you get your own writing juices flowing, but you will get super comments from readers and it becomes a conversation and you learn from them.

36. Brainstorm descriptions of people.

37. Explore first lines of great (and not so great) novels.

38. Study a topic, such as mythical beasts and tell us what you learned.

39. Make lists- lists of books you must read, of snacks you must have on hand, favorite crayon color names, 42 things to blog about, ten strange things about yourself then you never thought you'd tell anybody...

40. Writing prompts to help other writers when we get stuck or just want a writing exercise.

41. A "How To" post. -"How to get more readers" -"How to work through writer's block" -"How to make time to write" And then invite readers to add to the conversation.

42. Post a photo of your nephew's clubhouse and tell everyone that's where you live so they'll feel sorry for you and buy your book.


Tony said...

Oh yes, I'll need this list very soon. It'll keep me from writing about things I find on my rug. :-p

Joylene Butler said...

Excellent! I'm printing it out. Aren't you a sweetheart for posting this when I'm having such a tough time coming up with ideas! I'd give you a big hug if I could! Thanks!!!

Amanda Borenstadt said...

LOL Tony! We should add that as number 43. :)

Thanks, Joylene! So glad to help. :)

DRC said...

Amanda...#42. Is that really where you live??? Ahhh...I'm buying your book - lol

Great post. You're always full of inspiring stuff

Amanda Borenstadt said...

LOL Yeah, when the wind blows through, we're so c-c-c-cold!

Thanks for dropping by! :)

Medeia Sharif said...

These are all wonderful ideas. I'm sure no one will have any excuses for an abandoned blog with these.

Amanda Borenstadt said...

Thanks Medeia. :)
And I won't have an excuse for having nothing to blog about either. LOL

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