Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Random Things in My Writing Space PLUS Editing on Your Kindle


Random Things

I thought I'd take an item from my own list from last week's post and tell you some random things in my writing space. I don't actually have a writing space. My computer is a little tiny thing that I can balance on my knees if I want to. So, I write any place I need to be.

Cupcakes (made by my niece, Jasmine)

Currently I'm in the kitchen, having just made coffee and fed the kids and cats. In my writing space I can see through my kitchen window that looks out at the neighbor's side wall and their bathroom window--which is thankfully shut, a sink with a drainer full of clean pots and pans, a colorful box of Annie's brand of bunny shaped cookies, two home grown zucchinis, and a copy of Coraline (the graphic novel adaptation) by Neil Gaiman.

My writing space could be at the kitchen table, my bedoom, our schoolroom (we're a homeschooling family), my sister's house (the girls take piano lessons with my niece), or my car (not while driving of course). Yesterday it was at this trampoline place we took the kids to. While there, I went over a chapter on my Kindle.

The Hitchhiker's Guide themed Kindle case my sister, Allie, made me

Kindle Magic

If you have a Kindle, you may want to read this next bit. You can convert any text to MOBI (the Kindle format). I put my work in progess onto my Kindle. I can easily take it with me, mostly I love to do this because it makes me see it differently- kind of the same effect as when I print it out, but I don't have to use ink. It allows me to make as many notes as I like--a feature I wasn't aware of until I got it.

I go here to convert, but I'm sure there are other places. I don't download their software. Here's what I do:
-Click, "read more" under "convert text or ebook to mobi format."
-Browse for the file I want to convert and upload it.
-Then it does the work.
-Download the converted file to the computer.
-Plug in the Kindle. A menu should open.  Open the documents file. Drag the new Mobi file into it.
Note: I have found that when I turn on my Kindle, the file name is a random jumble of numbers! I've no idea why. But the text itself is fine. So, no worries. :)


Joylene Butler said...

I'm using a Kobo and I've yet to figure out how to make my pdf files large enough so I can actually see them without a magnifying glass. If I increase the fonts, then the screen only shows half the page and I'm constantly adjusting so I can read without all those little interruptions. I've determined to show this problem.

Glad to see you're enjoying your Kindle. Life is good.

karabu said...

I love the Kindle case. The Kindle is pretty cool too. :)

Amanda Borenstadt said...

Joylene, the site I have linked there also does ePub, which I think is what you need for kobo. You could try converting your manuscript to that and sticking it on your Kobo.

PDFs don't do well on Kindle either. Same problem with not seeing the entire page.

Thanks, Kara! :)

Joylene Butler said...

This is good to know, Amanda. Thanks.

Joylene Butler said...

Hilary, I have something for you on my blog.

Deirdra Eden-Coppel said...

You have a fabulous blog! I want to award you with one of my homemade awards: Beautiful Mommy Writer Blog Award for all the hard work you do!

I invite you to follow me since we have a lot in common, but no pressure. I’m not giving you the award just so you will follow me. You really do deserve it!
Take care:-)

Go to http://astorybookworld.blogspot.com/p/awards.html and pick up your award.

Amanda Borenstadt said...

Thanks Deirdra! :)
Wow, what a beautiful blog you have! Yeah, I'll follow you.

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