Thursday, November 3, 2011


Machinima is a basically the use of games such as The Sims to create animated films. It's a fascinating art form, which I realize won't appeal to everyone. I've never played Sims. Heck, the most advanced game I've played is Tetris, so it's a mystery to me how they pull off this Machinima stuff, but I hear it's complicated.

Two super creative ladies are responsible for a piece of art that may interest you. The novel is Left on Stonehaven by Carol Kean. It is, as yet, unpublished. The Machinima based on the novel was created by a rather humble yet brilliant lady who goes by the moniker DoLittleSayMuch. She's got a cool site as well as a YouTubepage.

The Machinima captures the gritty raw aspects of Carol's novel. To read the Machinima's description, go to the YouTube page but you can access the Machinima from either of DoLittleSayMuch's sites.

Just to warn you, the machinima contains adult themes, so don't watch while your little ones are present. Be sure to have the sound turned on. There's music and dialogue. It has the elements of both a story-ish film and a music video.

I was blown away. The story is gripping, as I suspected it would be, knowing what a talented writer Carol is. Technically, the film is amazing. I happen to know, this was a huge labor of love for the machinima film artist. She did a brilliant job bringing the characters to life and interpreting the story into a new form.


Joylene said...

I'm not brave enough to try these games. I like Jigsaw planet for my entertainment. But because you've gone to the trouble of putting it on your blog, I'll indeed check it out. If I don't come back, please let my family know that I've been swallowed up. LOL.

Amanda Borenstadt said...

Sure enough, Joylene. :)

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