Sunday, December 18, 2011

Santa is Here... in a Velomobile?

In spite of it being so close to Christmas I've gotten some writing done, do to the fact that I spazzed my back out in an ill-timed redecorating project. We had new flooring put in (something that looks not entirely unlike hardwood), which caused the walls to look horrid. So, I repainted several rooms.

So, I spend a couple of days sitting in bed, holding homeschooling classes there with the twins and writing.

I also finally got around to framing my niece's Syzygy artwork. I used the top one for the physical book. The middle one for the ebook, and the bottom one from my Twitter account.

Of course you'd think I'd have a lot of help from my trusty husband at a time like this and I did. He was kind enough to work on his human powered velomobile and ride it around. Whew! Glad I didn't have that job. Here he is in it. It's called a Mango. To me, it looks like a pedal car for grown men. Three wheels?  Weren't we all so thrilled when we went from a trike to a bicycle? I think he's reverting, but what to I know about aerodynamics, weight to power ratio, or whatever...?



Joylene said...

What a hoot? Men, they have all the fun. When my children were young, my husband topped trees. Scary business, but it helped supplement our income. It didn't stop me from wondering what would happen if he ever fell out of one of them trees. I know it's not the same thing as the velomobile, but for some reason it made me think of tree climbing. LOL.

Happy Christmas, Amanda and Merry New Year. I know, I always have to be different.

Joylene said...

Ps. the artwork is stunning. Talented niece!

Guilie said...

Hahahahahahaha... Love it! The velomobile, the generosity involved in your absence from that particular project, and the artwork :) Great job!

Amanda Borenstadt said...

Joylene~ Wow, tree topping! I couldn't imagine. I cringe whenever I see tree climbers or the guys who work on telephone poles.

Guilie~ Yes the velomobile. When I smiled as he told me how much it cost (and how much he saved because it was used. Oh yay. :p ), then made sure to be home when the guy brought it over because dear husband would be at work, and saw how much room it needed in the already bicycle full garage, all of these are my gifts to him.

It could be worse. He could be going to strip clubs and bars. :)

~The artwork. Yes, thank you. My niece is amazing. She'll be pleased people like her work. She's not good at tooting her own horn and showing off her work so I don't think she knows how much its appreciated.

Kara Hartz said...

Wow. Look at all you've done even with your poor hurt back! I haven't written anything at all since last week, and I have no injury to blame. You rock.

lbdiamond said...

Neat art!

Santa's, yeah. ???

Amanda Borenstadt said...

LOL Yeah!

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