Monday, March 5, 2012

Bottles, Pom-poms, and Rusty Oil Cans, Oh My!

My youngest daughters have a couple collections displayed at a small local museum. We went last weekend to admire their Hello Kitties and pom-poms as well as the other weird, wild, and wonderful collections at the Museum of San Ramon Valley in Danville California. (The Collections exhibit runs until 4/28/12)
Everything was amazing. Some of the photos came out better than others. I thought I'd share some of the best.
Fiona, Nyssa, and Daphne
Fiona's Hello Kitty Collection (Only about 1/3 of it fit in our display area)
Daphne's Pom-Poms
bottles found in a nearby creek, I believe
These are thinks they put on top of power poles, or something like that. People collect anything and everything.
Little Wooden Dolls (They have a name. I should have taken notes at the museum)
antique stereoscope, pocket watch, hat, and spats
oil cans (The tin woodsman would be thrilled!)


Joylene said...

Amanda, your daughters are beautiful. Love the smiles. I must have been a bad child because I only have sons. I love the displays. What a neat looking museum.

Amanda Borenstadt said...

LOL Joylene. :) Between my husband and me we have 5 daughters. Two his. One mine. And Two ours together. My husband's the one saying, "What happened!" LOL

Yes, the museum is neat. It's a tiny old building. It used to be a train depot in the old days.

Lydia Kang said...

Beautiful children! You must be so proud. :)

My hubs loves old medicinal bottles. Those are a nice collection!

Laura Diamond said...

Cute pic! Gosh, what neat things to look at. ;)

Anthony Rapino said...

Oh, very cool! I like those old bottles. :-p

Amanda Borenstadt said...

Lydia, thanks. Your husband would have loved this one display. It had an old doctor's bag of tiny medicine bottles.

Laura, thanks! :)

Tony, thanks. Me too! :)

Jeremy Bates said...

The medical stuff brought back big time memories for me. My friend, whom I will refer to as 'Frank,' bought an old doctor's bag at a garage sale from an elderly couple.

It was full of gadgets and things that would scare Darth Vader but Frank really never explored what was what.

One day after a few beers, 'Frank' had a headache. Finding no aspirin in his, I mean house, he peered inside the doc's bag.

I received a call from Frank stating that he needed me to take him to the hospital. It seems Frank had taken a white pill that resembled an aspirin, only to find out it had been pharmaceutical heroin!

As for the oil cans, yes, the Tin Man would have loved that collection!

Kara Hartz said...

So cool! I wanna go see!

Amanda Borenstadt said...

Jeremy, that's cool. They had all of these antique veterinarian things there. My oldest daughter was so freaked by what sorts of things they used to poke into sheep. :P

Kara, you guys should go! It's only $5 per family. It's a tiny museum. You almost pass it if you don't know it's there. But it's worth it. They're doing a display on The Gold Rush after the collections thing is over. That'll be in May, I think.

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