Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Cast of Characters

I have something delightful to show off!  Rhonda over at DoLittleSayMuch, in spite of a painful wrist injury, has been working on my book trailer for Syzygy. Hop over to Rhonda's blog and take a look. She has more pics over there.

I've blogged before about her nifty machinima films.

Here you can see much of the cast. I'm so delighted to see my "babies" come to life!

Here I took a screen shot of the actual video to draw your attention to Bea's cup. Recognize the logo?

Yeah, it's he actual Syzygy logo my niece, Jasmine, designed.

So, you have a wild thing going on, like when they stick a comic book or acion figure of the superhero into the live acion comic book movie. They're winking at their own genre. 

Hellboy Quote: "I hate those comic books. They never get the eyes right."

But back to the trailer. It's super fun! Rhonda asks me what things look like, such as Bea's kitchen or bedroom. I describe it and send pictures of some ideas. BOOM! She sends me back cool pics which are so detailed, it's like a virtual doll's house. Every time I look, I notice somehing else.

You can see right out Finn's window!

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