Friday, October 26, 2012

Ghost Words on Grammar Girl

Grammar Girl discussed "ghost words" on her podcast yesterday. Ghost words are words that don't exist, but made it into the dictionary anyway. Here's a link to Grammar Girl . Listen to her podcast and read the transcript, which has bonus ghost words that aren't in the podcasted show.

For school kids, homeschoolers, or for anybody ghost words are a fun topic to cover on Halloween, even if they don't really have to do with ghosts.


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Frank said...

There are only a handful of ghost words, because they require an error to make it all the way into a dictionary, past lost of editors. Not too many non-words make it that far.

One everybody knows is "scapegoat," which means an object of blame. It came from Azazel, a goat-like demon in the Old Testament, who got mis-translated into an "escaped goat."

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