Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Post About Not Doing a Post and Thanksgiving Homework

Thanksgiving Card circa 1900

Oops, I haven't updated in a while. We had some things to deal with in our family, but thank the Lord it looks like things are smoothing out. :)

Because of things to deal with and Thanksgiving (Thursday--for those not living in the U.S.) our homeschooling NaNo Jr. group is skipping two weeks. So, we're doing what homeschoolers do best. We're improvising! We'll take the group into the first part of December. It's not an official NaNoWriMo thing, but it works for us.

I gave the kids Thanksgiving homework and now I'm giving some to you. Write and memorize a quick pitch for your WIP*. Make it brief, something you can say in 30 seconds or less. Then, say it to at least one person on Thanksgiving.

Here's an example of the conversation you'll have.

You: (feeling proud) Guess what Grandma, I'm writing a novel!

Grandma: What? You're working in a brothel? Let me tell you about my days working in a brothel.

You: (cringing) No, Grandma. A novel. I'm writing a novel!

Grandma: Oh. What's it about? Not one of those vampire romance thing.

You: No. (takes a deep breath) It's about an orphan who learns she's really a famous wizard and has to kill---

Grandma: (cutting you off) Didn't they already make that movie? What's it called, "Sunny Potter"?

Grandpa: (yelling into Grandma's ear) That was "Twilight."

Grandma: No. It was "Sunny Potter." 

You: It's Harry Potter and my story's different. The main character is a girl.

Of course your novel is unique and not Harry Potterish in the least. But somebody at the table will tell you it reminds them of something they've read or seen. And somebody else will tell you how they could never write a novel. And ever after this day, they will all ask how that novel is coming along, and you'll kind of wish I never gave you this assignment. But it's good practice, so do it!

* WIP = Work in Progress (I add this footnote because years ago when I started, I could not figure out what the heck a WIP was but was too shy to ask. And that makes for awkward internet moments.)

CoolWriter42: Hey, how's your WIP going?
(starts to type...hesitates...types)
Newbie1100039: Good. :)
(Googles -"what is a wip?")



Joylene Nowell Butler said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Joylene Nowell Butler said...

Sorry, Amanda, apparently I can't spell. What I wanted to say was:

I have to bake cookies, build a pot roast, vacuum, and paint the focus wall in our bedroom... or honest, I'd do the pitch-thingy. And no all of the above is not my way of procrastinating. Honest!

We've had our Thanksgiving in October. Hope yours is wonderful, Amanda!

Amanda Borenstadt said...

Yeah, I don't have have time to work on my pitch either. I don't even have time to be on the computer! LOL I'm only supposed to be googling up sweet potato recipes. :)

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