Sunday, September 8, 2013

To Live Beside a Cemetery

Tonight I have a special treat. The adorable and brilliant author Jordan Mierek has written a guest post for me. Here's a picture of her in a cemetery because cemeteries are cool and so is Jordan.

Now, take it away Jordan!

When people find out I live two houses away (I’m the third house) from a cemetery, I get asked, “What’s that like?” Well, ghosts come walking at night. I hear strange howls. People lean against the fence and stare at the road, begging a poor victim to join them in death.

Okay, in actuality, it’s meditative. They aren’t noisy neighbors. If anything, they could talk a little more. I would love to hear their life stories.

Another of those questions I’m asked: “Are there ghosts?” I’m going to say no, but I have caught some orbs in pictures I’ve taken there are night. Orbs…or dust…or some other type of light reflection. My dog would refuse to walk through the older part of the cemetery. Ghosts? Or because people were buried differently back then?

Something I enjoy is spending an afternoon walking through the graves and reading the inscriptions. Someday, I’ll plant flowers for those who have been forgotten. I enjoy saying their names aloud, in case they are listening. I want them to know they aren’t forgotten.

A few years ago, the graveyard inspired me to write a short ghost story, AMITY. I never did anything with it until I came across a ghost story anthology on I decided to submit, and ended up writing two other short stories for it as well. The anthology will be coming out in October and will be available on the Wagonbridge Publishing website.

If you’d like to read more of my stories, you can find them on WattPad, or you can check out my Facebook page. Happy reading!
It's me Amanda again. Thank you, Jordan for a super fun post. It makes me want to live beside a cemetery too!
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